Kayak tripping is one of the reasons that many people join the kayak fleet.  At the beginning of each season we plan the trip calendar and tailor the destinations and level of difficulty to involve as many members as possible. 

Once a trip is on the calendar, we need a volunteer to lead it and someone to organize it.  Once they are in place, we will open trip for participants to apply - trips are normally limited to six people, but we have a wait list for each.  The organization process will include a planning meeting and a paddle together.

Our trip calendar is below; see the Trip Resources page for things to help leaders, organizers and participants (you need to be signed in as a member to view).

Upcoming events

    • 15 Aug 2018
    • 08:00
    • 20 Aug 2018
    • 20:00
    • Desolation Sound
    Return to paradise!  High potential for glassy inlets, windy afternoons, great scenery, warmest water north of California.

    Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Possible long days of paddling, some crossings and some wind.

    To be determined.  Drive up the Sunshine Coast and take two ferries to get to launch site, for sure.  In past years we incorporated three days at a base camp on Cumre Islands with day trips.

    If the trip is oversubscribed,  preference will be given to members who have not yet been on a club trip this season and the final selection will be by lottery. 

    We will have an evening paddle and planning meeting on July 24 at 1800.

    Pre-requisites: Checked out for kayak fleet, moderate fitness,  comfortable in a moderate wind (10-15kn), practiced rescues in the past 12 months.

    Level: Level II
    Kayak Trip Rating System

    Any questions about the trip, please contact Robert,

Past events

04 Aug 2018 Jericho to Bowen - 2 Night Kayak Trip
21 Jul 2018 Howe Sound - Overnight Kayak Trip
16 Jun 2018 Indian Arm - Overnight Kayak Trip
01 Jun 2018 Kayak Trip Leader Course
16 Sep 2017 Gambier Island - Overnight Kayak Trip no.2
02 Sep 2017 Southern Gulf Islands - Kayak Trip
28 Jul 2017 Kayak Expedition - Salish Sea Marine Trail
22 Jul 2017 Kayak day trip to Lighthouse Park
08 Jul 2017 Gambier Island - Overnight Kayak Trip
22 Jun 2017 Indian Arm - Overnight Kayak Trip
15 Jun 2017 Kayak Trip Planning 2
08 Jun 2017 Kayak Trip Planning 1
05 Sep 2016 Broughton Archipelago II
26 Aug 2016 Broughton Archipelago
21 Aug 2016 Kayak day trip to Lighthouse Park
07 Aug 2016 Desolation Sound
23 Jul 2016 Local Overnighter (eg Indian Arm)
13 Jun 2016 Nootka Island
12 Jun 2016 Broken Group Islands
10 Jun 2016 Wigeon Creek Day trip
31 May 2016 Kayak Trip Planning 2
20 May 2016 Southern Gulf Islands - Portland Island
06 May 2016 Overnight Kayak Trip - Local Destination
27 Apr 2016 Kayak Trip Planning 1
30 Nov 2015 Kayak Fleet Planning and Social
07 Sep 2015 Telegraph Cove II
29 Aug 2015 Telegraph Cove I
19 Jul 2015 Broken Group
13 Jul 2015 Desolation Sound
03 Jul 2015 Anvil Island
03 Jul 2015 Gambier Island
26 Jun 2015 Flores Island
20 Jun 2015 Local Destination
06 Jun 2015 Widgeon Creek
25 May 2015 Indian Arm
16 May 2015 Northern Gulf Islands
30 Sep 2014 Kayak Trip Waitlist
23 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Broughton Archipelego
09 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Desolation Sound
01 Aug 2014 Kayak Trip Desolation Sound
11 Jul 2014 Kayak Trip Southern Gulf Islands
28 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Northern Gulf Islands
22 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip west coast Vancouver Island
14 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Indian Arm
07 Jun 2014 Kayak Trip Widgeon Creek
24 May 2014 Kayak Trip Local Waters
17 May 2014 Kayak Trip Southern Gulf Islands
01 Jan 2014 2014 New Years Day Polar Bear Row, Paddle, whatever...

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