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Jericho Beach, Vancouver is the perfect place to learn windsurfing! Here the wind speed typically ranges from 2 to 20 knots throughout the year, allowing for a wide range of sailing opportunities. ClubLocarno has the all the latest gear, so come fill your sails and get windsurfing!

Our ClubLocarno Windsurfing Fleet

ClubLocarno members of any skill level will be impressed with our windsurfing equipment. We have top-of-the-line, pre-rigged sails and boards to choose from, which means less time rigging and de-rigging for you, and more time actually windsurfing! Each year ClubLocarno makes a significant investment in new windsurfing gear to keep our fleet up-to-date. Our dedicated Fleet Captains select the best gear available for local conditions. We have roughly 20 boards and sails of all designs and sizes.

Level System

Our windsurfing fleet uses a level system which assesses your windsurfing skills and knowledge and determines what windsurfing gear you are allowed access to.

Level-1 introductory skills are covered through a 8 hour Beginner Class with ClubLocarno (see below). Once the Class is completed, you will be given access to the club's Level-1 gear. 

Progression to Levels 2 and 3 is facilitated by our free Clinics. See Clinics, below for more information.

Windsurfing Lessons

New to windsurfing?:  ClubLocarno offers its own windsurfing lessons.  Each Beginner Course will consist of four sessions of 2 hours each taught by our instructor in a group of no more than 6 people.  This introduction to windsurfing lesson will take you through basic sailing theory and on-the-water training.  You will also be taught how to properly carry gear and how to clean and store gear.

These lessons DO NOT include a wetsuit.  Wetsuits can be rented at the Jericho Centre. It does include a PFD (lifejacket), and of course the use of one of Club Locarno's well maintained windsurfing boards and rigs.

After completing the our internal program, you will have full access to ClubLocarno level 1 gear. 

Cost: $80
Willing to have fun and get wet
Duration:  4 Evening sessions of 2 hours each
Any questions please contact:

Free ClubLocarno Windsurfing Clinics

Fast-Track Clinics: Already know how to windsurf? Just been through a ClubLocarno Class? Jump right into your season by attending one of our Fast-Track Checkout Clinics. You will be shown the club's equipment and procedures, then after you demonstrate Level 1 skills, you will have access to our pre-rigged sails and Level 1 boards.

Advancement Clinics: What's after Level 1?

Level 2 give you access to some lighter, faster, but more demanding and more fragile, boards. It's easy to progress to Level 2, which includes learning to beach start and harness use.

Level 3 give you access to our smallest boards and extra sails for use in higher winds and for rentals away from Jericho. Attaining Level 3 is relatively difficult, as it includes waterstarts, footstrap use, and planing.

For 2015 the Clinics will be held every other  Wednesday evening at 6pm by our fleet captain or an experienced windsurfer.  See Events for details.

"Away" Fee

Starting in 2015, we are implementing a once-per-season fee for those who wish to take Level 2 or 3 gear away from Jericho for their personal use in other locations (Squamish, Nitinat, etc.). Pay once and take gear away as often as you like. Sailors must be Level 2 or 3 to do this. Note that this fee is not required if you are joining an official club trip.


Guest are NOT permitted to use ClubLocarno windsurfing gear.  If you want to go windsurfing with a guest, they should consider renting gear from Windsure.

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