Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
at Club Locarno

SUP is among the fastest growing water sports in the world. Go for a gentle paddle and just enjoy the awesome feeling of standing on the water. Do SUP yoga and work on your balance. Push harder and it's one of the best core workouts you can get. Harder still and it's a cardio workout too!

If you are a beginner, the SUP fleet is by far the fastest way to get on the water at Club Locarno, as lessons are not required. You only need to do our one-hour free checkout to learn how to stay safe and take care of the board.

With our new equipment, expanded fleet and inexpensive memberships, Club Locarno, at Jericho Sailing Centre on English Bay, is Vancouver's best and most scenic place to SUP.

The Club Locarno SUP Fleet

There is something for everyone, from beginners to strong recreational paddlers, and even racers, with a mix of adjustable and fixed length paddles. We also provide board leashes and PFDs for members to use.

There are 2 levels of membership for the SUP fleet. Level 1 has a wide variety of boards, and should suit most members. Level 2 is for experienced members who are comfortable on a tippy board, and want to go faster, for long distance paddling or racing. Access to level 1 requires a one-hour free checkout. Access to level 2 requires a separate additional free  checkout.

All club members must wear a PFD when on the water. All level 1 fleet members must use a leash. Level 2 members must use a leash when it's windy (8 knots or more).

We currently have 10 SUP boards.

When choosing your board, consider that:

1. Long boards (e.g. 11'6'' and longer) tend to be faster and track better

2. Wider boards (32" or more) tend to be much more stable

3. Shorter boards tend to be more maneuverable and lighter, but they are slower and can have lower volume, making them tippy for heavier/taller paddlers.

Rack 1 (left) - 2 yoga boards, 2 touring boards, 1 Level 2 racing board and 1 inflatable board

Board #5 - New for 2017, we have a 10'5" inflatable Starboard Drive Deluxe. Despite the (average) width of 30", its lightness (only 9Kg) and the inevitable flex associated with inflatable boards can make it quite tippy, depending on the weight and ability of the paddler. It is best suited for lighter and shorter paddlers who perhaps have trouble carrying a heavy board, or any more experienced paddler who wants a challenge. It's technically rated for paddlers up to 90Kg, but anyone on the taller side or weighing more than 50 or 60Kg should have better than average balance to enjoy this board. We are going to get another inflatable soon (probably the Starboard Wide Point, a similar board that is wider - 32" - for more stability)

Board #7 - 10'6'' wide board, about 33" wide. This soft top is a very stable board for beginners or yoga, but it's on the heavy side.

Board #8 - 11'6'' wide board, about 33" wide. This soft top is a very stable board for beginners or yoga, but it's on the heavy side.

Boards #9, #10 - 12'6'' BIC Sport Ace Tec Wing touring boards. A fairly high 285 litre in volume, for paddlers up to 120Kg. When compared to boards #1-#4, these have much better tracking, but despite the high volume, they are tippier, at around 30" wide. These are our fastest level 1 boards

Board #11 - 14' Amundson Hawaii TRX (27" wide). With all-carbon construction, this board is quite fragile, but very stiff and light for its length. It's our fastest board, and one of the tippiest. This is a level 2 board.

Rack 2 (right) - 4 Bic Surf Ace Tec boards

Board #1 - With the same shape as boards #2, #3, #4, this BIC Surf Ace Tec 10'6'' board (three fins) is great for lighter paddlers (under 50 or 60Kg) or anyone who wants more maneuverability. It's quite stable, at 32" wide, and it's also lighter in weight, making it a bit easier to carry it to the beach. It is slower than longer boards, particularly if you are a heavier paddler.

Boards #2, #3, #4 - BIC Surf Ace Tec 11'6'' are great boards, suitable for most paddlers. With a balance of maneuverability and tracking, they are quite stable at 32" wide. For paddlers up to 110Kg, although those over 90Kg may need good balance, particularly if they are tall.

How to Join

  • Step 1: Sign-up for a Club Locarno & Jericho Sailing Centre Association membership

  • Step 2: Complete a mandatory Club Locarno SUP checkout. Click here for schedule! 
  • Step 3: Sign an Acknowledgment/Agreement of Club Locarno SUP Fleet Rules 
  • Step 4: Hit the water on your Club Locarno SUP! 


For more information on Stand-up Paddling with Club Locarno, including checkouts, contact the SUP Fleet Captain at

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