A free one-hour checkout is all you need to start paddling our SUP boards (Level 1 - beginner and intermediate boards).

If there is no checkout scheduled (as may be the case later in the season, when most members have already got checked out), or you cannot attend any of the scheduled checkouts, please contact the fleet captain, Anja Sheriden, to arrange a checkout.

If you are an advanced paddler and want to use our level 2 board, contact Vasco Castela for a level 2 checkout.

SUP Checkouts

    • 01 Sep 2017
    • 18:30 - 19:30
    • Meet at the Club Locarno shed next to Windsure.
    • 8

    SUP Checkout (Mandatory for ALL members wishing to use the SUP fleet who haven't already completed a Club Locarno SUP checkout). Note: This checkout is MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE WANTING TO USE THE SUP FLEET. If you completed a Club Locarno SUP checkout after 2012, you do not need to complete another one. Only members who have completed an official SUP checkout will have access to SUPs.

    Please come 5 minutes early. Be prepared to have fun and get wet - everyone must complete a mandatory self-rescue :)
    *Wet suits suggested for cooler weather.
    *Please bring your Jericho/Club ID.

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