A free one-hour checkout is all you need to start paddling our SUP boards (Level 1 - beginner and intermediate boards)

If there is no checkout scheduled (as may be the case later in the season, when most members have already got checked out), or you cannot attend any of the scheduled checkouts, please contact the fleet captain, Anja Sheriden, to arrange a checkout. Checkouts primarily cover board care (e.g. boards should never be put down on hard ground, and must never be beached - step off the board well before hitting the beach). You will also need to show you can rescue yourself if you fall in the water (just climb back onto the board). No prior experience is required.

If you are an advanced paddler and want to use our level 2 board, contact Vasco Castela for a level 2 checkout. The 14' long board is awkward to carry and very fragile. Like other boards, it should never touch the ground, and should never be beached, but it's more important that this board is never dropped, as it will break, and carbon fibre repairs are extremely expensive. The board is fairly stable (for a racing board), and has much better tracking than even our 12'6'' boards. It's fast!

SUP Checkouts

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